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Oct. 30th, 2006

Pinneapple Man, I finally saw that midget. That shiny, shiny midget.

I suggest we all go to Onett forest and take a look around, right? I mean, if it's covered with poison, something nasty must be there right?

Who's with me?

Oct. 23rd, 2006

I'm so lucky, I get to take Transgender Man out for drinks in his best dress. Bracket slash sarcasm. But really, it's going to be fun. An opportunity for two working men or whatever to bond over alcohol never passes under my nose.

Speaking of which, I told Pinneapple Guy to find Knockout Nurse, but we haven't seen her in awhile. Has anyone?
Wow, they raided Kurenai's underground lair and found 14 bags of giant diamonds that said "stolen" on them. What are the odds, amirite?

It kinda sucks though, cuz like we were gonna go out for drinks this weekend and stuff. NOT LIKE IN A ROMANTIC WAY like Doggy Style likes it, but you know. Business stuff.

Back to paperwork I guess.
Umm... Pineapple Man? Kiba and I have decided to ass Dark Spectre to yours and Captain Messup's Team. Have fun you kids :D
...Whose brother is a fag? Does anyone have a sister up here? It looks like a girl wrote it. Or a really faggy guy.
This morning I thwarted the Swarthy Swami as he attempted to flee the scene of a pig farm shooting. There were 400 casualties, all flies. Apparently he has this big thing for cleanliness, despite being swarthy. OH WELL it's not my place to judge.

But he's still a fucker.
I just read Sunday's paper. Sakura, how could you?! You, one of the strongest defenders of justice, dating a villain like Baron Samedi? HE'S DASTARDLY! YOU CAN SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE AND HE WON'T DIE! ISN'T THAT CREEPY TO YOU? HAVEN'T I HEARD THE NAME NARUKO SOMEWHERE?
I invited my two new friends Tobi and Zaku to the moon. I feel it's time for some trust activites and marshmellows. Bonding time! Who's coming?
OH GOD I LOST HER MY FIRST VILLAIN AND I LOST Kurenai, you foul temptress, stop spitting in my burgers.